Corporate Governance

Eureka has a long history of quality management led by the former President and CEO, Jack O’Neill.

In June 2015, a new management team took over administration of Eureka. We currently have four directors and two officers.

The management team consists of:

  • -Michael Sweatman, CPA, CA, – President and Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”)
  • -John Kerr, P. Eng – Director
  • -Kristian Whitehead, P. Geo – Director
  • -Warren Stanyer – Director
  • -Brent Petterson, CPA, CGA – Chief Financial Officer (“CFO”)
  • -Christina Boddy – Corporate Secretary

Our board of directors has not yet set formal policies regarding corporate governance other than the Audit Committee Charter.

Our Audit Committee is made up of two independent directors, John Kerr and Warren Stanyer, and the third member of our Audit Committee is Michael Sweatman, the President and CEO of the Company.

All of our directors and officers are experienced and they have all served as directors and officers of a number of other public companies. They have professional qualifications and relevant geological and financial experience garnered over many years in the mineral exploration business. All major decisions require approval by the entire board of directors.

We intend to move to a slightly larger board of directors in the future. We will conduct an annual review of our management team to ensure we maintain the required skills and experience to conduct business in an effective and efficient manner.

The board of directors currently has the following committees:

  • -Audit Committee
  • -Compensation Committee

We intend to develop the following guidelines in the upcoming months:

  • -Mandate of the Board Of Directors
  • -Code of Ethics
  • -Whistleblower Policy
  • -Advance Notice Policy